Wednesday, January 9, 2013



If you need to have parking meters, I prefer this kind. You can top up the meter when it gets low. The city has installed newer ones in most places. There are pay stations which you have to locate and punch in the number of your parking spot. The advantages are that you can use a credit card so you don't always have to be sure to have change. And now there is an app so you can pay from a distance, but the new meters don't add to the money that is there. Each "addition" is actually starting the meter afresh. With these old meters, you can sometimes park on someone else's money if they left before their meter expired. It feels like a little gift from an unknown friend!

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  1. We had the new kind in our Denver neighborhood shopping area. They must have cost a fortune to install, but a couple years in use, they were replaced again with the old kind - go figure. I'm sure it was a "good" political decision?