Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Walking into the next year

Westmount City Hall
 Photos: December 31, 2012

After a meal at a restaurant we walked back to our new home. It was much milder than the last couple of nights, so it was easier to take the gloves off to hold my camera. New Year's Eve - a time for reflection - looking back to look forward. Set new goals. I like to think of goals rather than resolutions. A resolution broken feels like a failure. Goals are different. They are meant to be set, revisited and revised. They feel more fluid than a resolution. A goal should come with strategies - how will I try to attain that goal? And when one strategy doesn't work, try another.

No Place to Sit

New Year's Eve - we walk over the border into the next year - into new possibilities. I wish all my blogging friends good health, happiness and time for reflection. It is up to each of us to make the moments special and to chart our own courses.


  1. My favourite idea here is the fluid nature of goals. If they were merely one item on a long checklist, and the future were already set in stone, life wouldn't be the adventure that it is.

  2. I like your thoughts about goals - I really never have made "resolutions." They always sound so formal to me - though my son made 3 last year, and I enjoyed asking him periodically how they were going. (He probably won't admit to me he made any this year!) Those benches don't look too comfy!

  3. Happy New Year, Susan! I hope you meet your 2013 goals with images in mind! :)

  4. Happy new Year,Susan!
    I agree to your thoughts about goals.
    I live with my goal every and every of my days.

    Hope 2013 will bring lots of the happiest and beautiful times for you.

    My 2013 will finally start here after many of my family events.