Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Walk

Canadian Passtime by susanvg
Canadian Passtime, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Photos: January 27, 2013

A city walk takes me through a park. Ice skaters, oblivious to the cold, enjoy the outdoor rink. Once these rinks were found in many parks. We had one near my former house. The neighbourhood had an arrangement with the city with those living nearby shovelling to clear it after a snow storm. But the city stopped putting up the boards to enclose the rink, and it was no more.

Fort de la Montagne

Our walk took us past the towers of Fort de la Montagne, all that remains of a fort that was built in the 1600s in the early days of Montreal. This was part of a mission founded by the Sulpicians to convert the native peoples. You can learn more here.

Sitting in the Snow

I was dressed in layers to keep out the cold. This couple, bathed in the light from the low sun, their feet in the snow, were oblivious to the frigid air.  I like to walk with a destination in mind.

Stopping for Tea

Stopping for tea made the walk even more delightful.


  1. I had to smile at the statue. Yes, I agree - a treat at the end of a walk is a good carrot to dangle.

  2. Hi,Susan
    As Barb says, the statue makes me smile on my face!
    There is a foot bath on the long hill land that is stretching out long between Osaka and Nara. You can soak your feet in the warm water after a long walk. Do you want to see it?

  3. Ditto for the statue. Thanks for taking me on your walk. I got to see the sites without venturing out into the cold.