Saturday, January 19, 2013

Looking Out Looking In

Looking Out Looking In

I love to go to Old Montreal - the old stone buildings, the cobblestone streets. I have gone to many concerts in Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours. Last night I got to be part of a concert. I got an inside view of Les Boréades, who invited the Société de Flûte à Bec de Montréal to join them. Fifteen members of the society rehearsed once a month and took part in the concert, playing the opening numbers of each half of the programme. We shared backstage with the professionals and watched as they prepared for the concert.

In Preparation

Last minute review, adding a few bowing marks, thinking about the intention of the music - all to make Bach speak eloquently through their instrumental voices.

We played - looking out at the audience and then joined them to enjoy the wonderful concert by the professionals. There is a vast difference in our playing (I have not spent years practising endlessly and living and breathing music) but our shared passion for music, for that one night had us share a stage. 

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  1. Nice, Susan. I really love the photo of the window that looks out to light and color in another space.