Thursday, January 3, 2013

Magic Glasses

Crazy Glasses
Photos: January 2, 2013

Some years ago a friend brought me one pair of these glasses. When you look at lights through them, each light takes on the shape the glasses make - in the case of the first pair I received, the 6 pointed star. I loved them and found where to purchase more. I got ones with a four point star, snowflakes, an angel...) On a whim, I took them out and looked at my new view at night with the glasses

Looking Through the Glasses

This photograph doesn't quite do it justice (no tripod, through a window...) but you can get the idea. The most fun came when cars drove by. The headlights took on the star shape which then moved along the street. These glasses now sit on my window ledge.  I love to surprise guests with the way they transform my night-time view. And yes - I, too, enjoy the sense of whimsy they bring to me.


  1. The child in you is playing Susan. We "lost" Jack briefly at the Botanic Gardens because he was viewing the lights with his reindeer glasses and made a wrong turn. (He says we made the wrong turn.)

  2. Such fun! Maybe you can share where you purchased them? I like the whimsical nature.