Sunday, January 13, 2013

Medieval Music


On Friday evening we went to a concert of medieval music by Eya (musicians Liette Remon and Femke Bergsma). The instrument you see above is a vielle or fiddle. Some were played like this one and others were played in the position of a violin. Notice that the bow is very curved (like an archery bow). Many early bows had that shape. This is the ancestor of the modern violin.

Vielles and Rebec

A variety of instruments were played during the concert. Here you can see a recorder, a rebec and two vielles. What a delightful evening with instrumental pieces and songs from the 15th century. The concert took place in a hair salon: Jardin d'art et de coiffure. The salon holds concert every 6 weeks or so. Always nice to hear music in unusual places.


  1. You are being warmed by music again! The instruments are beautiful to look at - I imagine a feast for the ears,too.

  2. Those instruments are beautiful and have sophisticated design. Erhu, which is from China, is played like that.It is first time for me to see this shape of the bow. I will come back again to enjoy seeing those instruments and Coiffure,Susan.