Sunday, November 14, 2010

For Pedestrians

For Pedestrians, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Montreal is slowly becoming more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. There are now many kilometers of bicycle paths. And our Bixi bikes are well-used. This street, which runs through part of McGill University, used to be filled with cars. Now only service vehicles are allowed up it, and that only during a few hours of the day. Benches, bicycle stands and space for people has now replaced the parked cars.

Now if only we could improve our public transportation so fewer cars would be on the road. Cleaner air - and some nice places to sit and enjoy it!


  1. Very inviting and sure that is a big change from the previous view with car traffic! :)

  2. We have these bikes for rent all over Denver, too. It's nice to live in a city that encourages outdoor exercise.

  3. An improvement indeed. I'm glad to see this. Definitely a place to go walking when I visit Montreal.