Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Moon Rise

Moon Rise, originally uploaded by susanvg.
I looked up to see the crescent moon and I was brought back to my childhood. I loved to listen to stories on the radio. Every Saturday morning I would sit by the radio and listen to a storyteller. One of my favourite stories was Many Moons by James Thurber. The story was about a princess who was languishing. She said she would only get better if someone brought her the moon. The wise men each tried and failed, but the court jester succeeded. He asked the princess about her perception of the moon. She said that the moon was only as high as the tree because it sometimes gets caught in the branches.

Last Saturday I was privileged to be part of a storytellers event in honour of a friend of mine. There were three storytellers. I added music to the stories as well as between them. We plan to try this again. Maybe I can convince one of them to tell Many Moons...


  1. The moon is one thing we can both see with the same view. I looked up ;ast night as well.


  2. Awesome shot, Susan. How wonderful to be a part of a storyteller group - you participation in such creative projects.

  3. Perfect complement to the photo. That moon is caught!

  4. Amazing picture, indeed. Thanks for the story as well. It also makes me think of a children's book, "Papa get me the Moon".