Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coloured Bush

Coloured Bush, originally uploaded by susanvg.
More and more trees stand bare but autumn is still adding some colour to the landscape. This garden reminded me of an impressionist painting. Funny to think of reality imitating art rather than the other way around. There were so many shades of reds and golds on the bush, it was like small brush strokes of many different colours.

Wispy Grasses

But colour is disappearing. These grasses have lost their vibrant greens and now, faded and bleached, they wave in the breeze.


  1. I love the fall grasses the best - they look so whimsical swaying in the breeze.

  2. Have seen several types of grass like this here too! Lovely!

  3. lovely ornamental should be called Maiden Hair Grass!

  4. I agree with Barb. I love the fall grasses. Glad you managed to capture some colour before it all turns white.