Monday, May 23, 2016

Ottawa's Tulip Festival

Who Moved the Tulip

Photos: May 22, 2016 - One Rogue Tulip

The tulip display stems from the World War II. It was Canadian troops that liberated the Netherlands. In addition, Queen Juliana and her daughters spent part of the war in Canada. In fact, her youngest daughter was bort at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. The maternity ward was temporarily made part of international territory so that her baby would not be born as a Canadian, but would only get its citizenship from its mother - thus be born solely Dutch. In gratitude for their Canadian stay, the queen sent the first of an annual shipment of tulips to Ottawa.

Tulips and More Tulips

It is impressive to see the big swathes of tulips in large beds.

Hairy Tulip

You can see every variety of tulip from this hairy looking one...

Ottawa's Tulips

to these double tulips that looks almost like roses.

Tulips and Blossoms

The tulips, combined with the lilacs and many flowering trees makes for quite a spectacle.

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