Thursday, May 12, 2016

Up on Summit Park

And Another White Trillium

I made a little detour on my way home to check on the trillium situation up at Summit Park. They are blanketing the forest floor, in a hurry to catch the light before the leaves on the trees fill in.

A Profusion of Trilliums

I'm always amazed by their numbers and their very short season. I guess it makes them more precious.

White Trillium

I'm always in search of the perfect picture - but each flower has its charms.

Erythronium Americanum

The trout lilies (aka Erythronium Americanum) are also flowering, sharing space and the same short time with the trilliums. They seem like shy flowers, usually bending their heads down.

Erythronium Americanum

I wonder what they are trying to attract on the forest floor.

Growing Everywhere

I have to celebrate these short visits. It marks the true arrival of spring - the season that seems to be in a rush.

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  1. Those flowers were take well by your good skill. The soft sunlight is falling on them, and the white and yellow colors are gently beautiful.