Monday, August 16, 2010

Still Waters

Still Waters, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Adventure Canada trip: July 23 - August 2 2010

There were times when I was at a loss for words, when the beauty and stillness made speaking an interruption to the incredible peace. As if by arrangement voices were hushed. The sky and the sea were one. There was a sense of reverence.

The play of the ever changing light was astonishing - like an art installation that constantly delights the eyes - changing mood in subtle steps.

Sunset Iceberg

I'll let these images speak for me - their voices are more powerful than mine.

Broughton Island


Arctic Waters

Reflections off Devon ISland


More photos: click here


  1. WOW, they’re all so incredibly beautiful.

  2. Your words described the scenes beautifully, Susan! So many different ones too...serene subtle blending views and sharply contrasting ones...glassy still water and bubbly waves!

  3. You have captured the essence of the place through these wonderful images, Susan. They delight me! Bravo on your skill with the new camera!

  4. Breathtaking pictures! I do hope you plan on framing some of these.

  5. These photos really take your breath away - I love all of them!