Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Travelling On

Although I am back from my Arctic Adventure, I'm still travelling - currently in Banff, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies. Wifi connection is slow (as is the netbook I have with me). Uploading photos is frustrating, though I will keep trying. I have lots to share - the icebergs, the flowers, the scenery, the people - all incredibly beautiful.

And each day now is another adventure - after days of the Arctic in a ship where every bit of space is used economically it felt odd to be in a large motel room on our first night back, where the bathroom was about the size of the area of our cabin where our beds were (and the rest of our cabin was not large). The lush green and the presence of trees was noticeable - as was the advertising and the many people. It is amazing to be in an area where the land and water are all there is - but what splendours!

Stay posted - I'll be writing and posting photos as often as I can - there are many stories to tell.

With the bandwidth I have - I just can't visit your blogs - I'll be catching up later in August - looking forward to visiting your parts of the world again.

You can see photos here.


  1. The adventure continues...I will be leaving end of week for an adventure of my own. Hope to see more of your pics when I get back.

  2. Susan- can't wait to see your pics!