Monday, August 9, 2010

Iceberg near Bylot Island

Iceberg near Bylot Island, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Adventure Canada trip: July 23 - August 2

Icebergs loom
Glistening castles of the sea
Mountains meandering
along the currents

Woken from a long sleep on the land
Pushed from the ice field
With cracks and splashes
Set free to roam

What voyages lie ahead
As they bob and roll and twist
Breaking reshaping
Lapped by the waters

Light and shadows
Dance on their walls
Exquisite moments
Up Iceberg Alley
Icebergs Ilulisaat

The icebergs calve from the glacier at Ilulisaat and slowly free themselves from the sea floor to start their journey through Disco Bay. They then catch the current up the coast of Greenland, swing across to Baffin Island and then catch the current south to Newfoundland and Labrador. It takes about three years during which they are constrantly resculpted by the sun the wind, by storms and by their rolling as their shapes change. By the time they reach Newfoundland they are considerably smaller.

As we sailed up the coast we passed iceberg after iceberg – each a marvel – a trip past a sculpture garden fashioned by Mother Nature. Iceberg Alley. Off Baffin Island we saw fewer icebergs, but each was a spectacular treat – sometimes looming mysteriously through mist, other times catching the sunshine. As the light changed so did the icebergs – a magical transformation
Iceberg off Devon Island

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  1. Wow are these ever beautiful photos. I was wondering if they were from a cruise, and I gather from the text, the answer is yes. As powerful as these pieces of ice look to be, they are also such peaceful looking subjects. Thanks so much for sharing your enjoyment.

  2. These are spectacular photos and accompanied by a wonderful poem! Outstanding on both counts!

  3. Great photographs to document your adventure - amazing!

  4. Beautiful photos. It's amazing how the different icebergs seem to have different textures. I really like your poem too. Photographer and writer, great combination.

  5. More great vacation shots that never cease to amaze! You had such a wonderful adventure!

  6. You are so going to have to frame some of your photos.


  7. Wonderful journey. I particularly love the top photo - the stillness of the water is magical.

  8. The icebergs are a really awe-inspiring sight. The stillness of the water is amazing, and I love all the blues. What a treat your pictures and poem are!

  9. Susan, These photos are spectacular - you must get that first enlarged and framed! The poem is wonderfully descriptive of the icebergs birth and subsequent roaming.