Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mount Rundle

Mount Rundle, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Look down any street in Banff and you will see a mountain (you can see a wire across this picture - it was taken right in town) - a towering rock-faced giant. Mount Rundle is one of my favourites - its curved side appears to me. When the Rockies were first formed Tunnel Mountain was part of it, but at a certain point they split apart. If we think there are a lot of earthquakes now, I can only imagine the period when these mountains were pushed up from the sea as being exponentially worse.

We took the gondola up Sulphur Mountain for a view from the top - simply breathtaking to look at the peaks from their level instead of looking up.

Looking Out

And to look down at the town of Banff with the Bow River snaking through the valley.

View from Sulphur Mountain

We took a raft trip along the river, past the hoodoos (Sandstone that has eroded; a rock - capstone - on top shelters it so that the sides erode, but the top does not), proof again of Mother Nature's art work.

Banff Hoodoos

Even mist covered, Mount Rundle captivates me - its graceful sweep, and craggy top - a lovely form.


  1. Thank you for posting these amazing vistas! Mother Nature certainly creates breathtaking art. To see all this with your own eyes must have taken your breath away.

  2. You had a bird's eye view. The Hoodoos remind me of Utah.