Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug 23/10: Shadows

Aug 23/10: Shadows, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Where does the bench end and the shadow begin? Which is real? Sometimes the shadow is more visible than the original.

I'm in Stratford, Ontario and will be seeing Peter Pan (along with four other plays). It occurred to me as I started to write this that the play is about shadows too. Though Peter lost his shadow, it is also about the loss of childhood and the unwillingness to give up that life. Do we become shadows of that essential time in our lives?

While it would be nice to go back to the innocence of childhood, it is nice to live life larger - to travel through the greater world and have the independence and life experiences to see and learn and keep growing.


  1. Always love your musings, Susan - as well as the photos. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a shadow of my former self...

  2. Words of wisdom here! We are so lucky to be able to learn all through life! The photo is powerful, too.