Monday, November 7, 2011

Drying Up

Drying Up by susanvg
Drying Up, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
The clocks have changed; sunset comes earlier. The low sun cast a rosy hue on these dried up plants. Everywhere, autumn is sapping the colour out of the landscape. Once vibrant greens turn sepia.


These feathery grasses drop their dried up seeds to wait out the winter. Promises for a new season.

Fly to the Moon

Each day more flocks of geese fly over, their constantly honking calling to others to join them. I wonder how long geese live and how many trips like this they take.

Low Sun

The sun sinks down and we head home. A chill is in the air as the darkness settles in.


  1. I feel the call of autumn in your photos, Susan. I especially like the geese flying toward the moon.

  2. Nice set of photos depicting your words...or the other way around! Either way - I enjoyed! :)