Tuesday, November 15, 2011


November by susanvg
November, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Photos: November 13, 2011
November - that month when all turns grey. I sometimes feel we are all being pulled into a vortex of shorter and shorter days and more darkness. I fight November blahs each year - trying to focus on positives.

Photography pulls me outside to notice all the beauty - even as the world around me goes dormant. I find even when I don't have my camera handy, or can't get to it while I drive, I notice so much more. What some people call a dull drive turns interesting as I imagine the photographs I could have taken.

It's For the Birds

Walking, we passed a house with many bird houses. The woman there told us she decorates for the birds, placing berry laden branches around so they will have sustenance on cold days.

Gone to Seed

I'm always intrigued by the milkweed, gone to seed - each pod a delicate sculpture. And I think of the butterflies that may find their start on the plants that grow next spring from these seeds. 

On the Wing

And always the geese, whose haunting cries fill the air as they gather in ever larger flocks flying south. Nature exhibits such strength and resilience. It sets my mind wondering about so many things.

Photography makes me look, it makes me see in new ways and it makes me appreciate the many things around me. It opens my eyes.


  1. This is a very touching post, Susang. I agree with you.
    I am a quite beginner photographer but I hope and believe that my eyes gradually could be cultivated. What many hidden beautiful things are there in our world!

  2. Many interesting images here, Susan. That flock of geese mimics the V's in the tree branches.