Sunday, November 20, 2011


Theo by susanvg
Theo, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
I played music today with a good friend who has three cats. This is Theodore (Theo for short). I have featured his "brother" before, Noël. Theo is not as musically inclined. While Noël usually comes to play audience, Theo and Yuki remain aloof. After a few years, they no longer run away when I arrive. They sit, each on their favourite chair and tolerate my presence.


Five years ago, Yuki, pregnant and quite bedraggled, came from the SPCA to my friend. Since her kittens were born she has turned into quite a beauty - very regal and conscious of her place in cat society. Noël is one of her offspring.

Yet again, they kept their distance while we played music. Noël came and checked out our rehearsal. When we play in a student recital next month,  I will be picturing Noël as my audience to help allay performance fears. He has never complained yet about my playing.

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  1. Well, we both know that cats are very discerning - you will play beautifully, I'm sure.