Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Burst of Seeds

A Burst of Seeds by susanvg
A Burst of Seeds, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Walking in the woods in autumn - even decay has its beauty. The milkweed has sent out its seeds: promises for next year.

Autumn Reflections

Reflections in a pond - it is easy to imagine another world at  the bottom with the Lady of the Lake living there.

Last Daubs of Gold

A few late leaves cling to the branches, though most of the trees are bare. They shimmer with the gold of the low lying sun.

Fallen Tree

Dead trees lie on the forest floor. Fungus takes hold helping to break down the old wood to bring new life. 


  1. My favorite of these is the pond with the reflections. It is captivating - imagination runs wild!

  2. The burst of seeds in your photo is fantastic!It is comfort to see such new life in the old wood.

  3. Beautiful and poetic capture of the passing season! I like the idea of Lady of the Lake. Why are the last leaves so beautiful ablaze in the almost last light of the sun? Maybe the last glory of the decaying thing, leaving the hope and new life to the new season.

  4. I enjoyed your walk, Susan - the light in your photos is wonderful. The fungus is especially intricate.

  5. Love the seed burst - great shot!

  6. Beautiful fall pics. I love the reflections!