Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fallen Leaf

Fallen Leaf, originally uploaded by susanvg.

There is something melancholy about autumn. While the trees put on a colourful show, they slowly lose these leaves. Autumn is also about loss. This single leaf lies on the ground, riddled with holes - was it food for a parasite?

I suddenly thought of the Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan - in the glory of youth. Some make it home riddled by bullets or shrapnel or by the invisible wounds of post traumatic stress. While this leaf will never see its former glory, the tree it came from will rest over the winter and then once again grow foliage and shade the forest. The men come home needing that long winter rest, to heal and to learn to live again. We are only slowly recognizing the need for time and even that does not heal all wounds


  1. What an appropriate comparison and it is so true. I really like your picture - the solitary leaf that is not perfect against the grainy ground makes a good background. Isn't it so interesting how our photographs can spring forth such different thoughts and weaves so many different stories?

  2. Your picture and reflection go very well together. Thanks for the perspective.

  3. Lonely, fallen leaves on the ground often awake strong feelings and connections in my mind, too. Your comparison is very powerful! Melancholy is a good word for autumn.