Saturday, October 9, 2010


Decay, originally uploaded by susanvg.
I love street art - murals that cover otherwise blank, concrete walls. However, I don't love what happens to it. This mural is on the side wall of a building that houses a club - a music venue. At the level of pedestrians some of the plaster has pitted and the wall it has been attacked by graffiti. I know I have railed about this before - but I just don't get how it is OK to damage the creation of another person. The artwork adds colour and delight to the city, in this case celebrating the use of the building. Graffiti tags are just self-serving, advertising that the spray painter has passed by. I do make a distinction between tagging and graffiti artists. The latter have created some interesting images (and yes sometimes they are elaborately done tags), but they don't do it on top of someone else's work.


  1. I find graffiti tags in my forest, too - one of my pet peeves. Why desecrate Nature with spray paint? Some people only think of themselves and have an unfortunate need to destroy. Is it part of our human nature?

  2. I agree with you 110%. It's seem counterproductive to destroy one work while creating another.

  3. The same seems to go on all over the world. I totally agree with you. Graffiti art is great but tagging often no more than ugly squiggles of possibly frustrated or anti-social individuals.