Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No More Picnics

No More Picnics, originally uploaded by susanvg.
As the weather gets colder you have to grab any moment of sunshine and get outdoors. I glanced out of my window and saw that moment after a few days of rain. Well the rain held off by by the time I got into my car to go to this park the sky was overcast again. A damp wind blew off the river. Autumn's decay was everywhere.
The water looked grey as it rushed over the submerged rocks. These are the Lachine Rapids, the reason ships could not get further up the St. Lawrence River until the seaway was built.

Bits of bright colours peeked out here and there - the rose hips that had not yet dried out. And here and there some hardy flowers still bloomed.

Rose Hips            Hardy Flowers
You can always find people fishing here, but I wouldn't want to consume fish from the river. We have managed to fill most of our waterways with toxic pollutants. Laws have been enacted which have helped things slowly improve, but PCBs lurk on the river bottom. Sometimes it's better not to think below the surface.
Gone Fishing
The sun tried to come out, but a haze covered the scene. It was a grey October day.



  1. This shot of the picnic table and chairs is terrific! It really paints a scene - good eye!

  2. All of the photos together provide a fall vista, for sure! Hard to imagine how easily we destroyed such a healthy waterway. It is still quite beautiful on the surface!

  3. Great fall pictures. The picnic table is my favourite. It's made more beautiful by the leaves and the water in the background.

  4. What an ornate table and benches placed at the river's edge. The fallen leaves on the seats and table tell of an ending. Unfortunately, I find this hard: "it's better not to think below the surface."