Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 18/10: Nature's Paintbrush

April 18/10: Nature's Paintbrush, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Mother Nature paints
with her light spring palette
delicate greens
soft yellows
Colours dabbed on
like an impressionist painting
Dots of paint added each day
Until they start to take shape
Hiding the branches.
Colour darkening
As riotous spring matures.

I marvel at her handiwork
as the lacy leaves
slowly cover up
what was revealed in the autumn
The canopy returns
To provide the welcome summer shade.


  1. Beautiful start to the new season for you!

  2. Spring is wonderful with it's many shades of green and all the delicate flowers in bloom!

  3. Nice pic and a beautiful poem. What a talented lady!

  4. You paint with both picture and words, Susan. Enjoy your spring - it snowed a foot in Breckenridge overnight!