Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Apr 4/10 Happy

Apr 4/10 Happy, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Sometimes life gets you down. Some people go shopping for clothes or shoes. For me it is always flowers. They bring joy and pleasure to me. This orchid just joined my collection. It seems to be sticking its tongue out at me, teasing a provoking a grin.

I have many flowering plants in the house that surprise me with their blooms. Their re-flowering is like a gift. The joy they bring is priceless.


  1. love orchids...this shot is beautiful! The colors are fantastic and peaceful. :)

  2. Someone gave me an orchid a couple years ago.The leaves are still green and growing plus it puts off long bean-like shoots but has never rebloomed. I think it requires some special care and my neglect isn't quite enough. I do enjoy your bloom, though.

  3. I just acquired my first orchid...I love it!

  4. Nature makes us feel a little better. My house is currently full of picked flowers. Hope you feel better.