Sunday, April 25, 2010

Apr 24/10: Old Ford Truck

Apr 24/10: Old Ford Truck, originally uploaded by susanvg.

When I laid eyes on this truck I felt there was something odd about it. It looked pristine - the body shone with not a single scratch, yet its design was from the past. As I checked it out, I was reminded of cars from my childhood with door handles that locked with the push of a button, small triangular windows beside the main window which opened by pivoting and the tinny windshield wipers. The truck was low to the ground with a running board - easy to hop in and out. I searched on the Internet and found similar trucks from the 50s.

In the window of this truck was a handicapped permit - I wondered if it was for the truck or the driver!


  1. I like everything about this pristine vehicle, Susan - brings back fond memories for me, though my Family never owned a pickup. I also like your little joke - I would say the truck is in fine fetter, not needing a handicapped space! I like the way your framed the photo to make it seem old.

  2. Susan, my husband used to have an old Ford (older than this). He'd hoped to fix it up to this level, but never quite got there. Thanks for sharing a photo showing what CAN be done with these old beauties!

  3. Beautiful old truck. I like the way you softened the border.
    By the way, my suggestion for a Digital SLR would be the Canon Xsi. It's reasonably priced, takes great pics and there are many lenses that are compatible. Kristy just bought one as well and seems to enjoy it.