Sunday, April 18, 2010

Apr 17/10: Front and Centre

Apr 17/10: Looking at You
Daily Shoot: Break a rule today! Centered composition is generally considered boring and taboo, but can be interesting. Try it!

I know - another pet photo. But they are photogenic. And Basil either likes to be off on his own or right in your face - front and centre. I think he was a parrot in another life - he loves to perch on my shoulder. Basil is getting on in years - soon to be 14. He can still be rambunctious, but now he often is content to plop himself down on a lap for his share of pats and cuddles - and to benefit from the physical warmth of a human being.

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  1. Hi Susan, Catching up with you after a brief travel. Basil is absolutely glowing! What a mugger for the camera - the perfect model.