Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Apr 5/10 Blue Blanket

Apr 5/10 Blue Blanket, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Nothing says spring to me quite like scylla. They blanket whole lawns and spread where they will. Their bright blue colour is a welcome change from the whites of winter and the sepia of early spring.

If blue is hope, then scylla personify it - dancing across the landscape leading us to the time of the earth waking up.

Daily shoot: Blue is the color of sky and water. Many call it the color of hope. Make a photo with blue and what it represents to you.


  1. I like this beautiful, blue blanket and these blue beauties are truly dancing across the landscape- nice shot!

  2. Beautiful picture and such true words - love having an early spring with your pictures, while waiting for ours.

  3. A lawn of tiny blue flowers would be nice!

  4. A true sign of spring when color begins to paint the ground.