Friday, February 18, 2011

Sitting in the Snow

Sitting in the Snow, originally uploaded by susanvg.
I spend part of each month in small town eastern Ontario. The town itself is not that picturesque. Like many places, there had been a major fire early in the last century, so there are few old buildings. And just when I thought there was nothing left to photograph, I came across this old car. I was surprised to see it sitting outside. It has obviously been there through the winter. It seems to be in perfect condition, complete with crank to start it. I hope when the weather warms up, to see it cruising around the town. That would be quite a spectacle.

Old MG


  1. For an old car, it's awfully shiny! Somebody must take good care of it!

  2. It seems incongruous to have that well-conditioned antique car out in the elements, doesn't it? It must be worth quite a bit. Also - my favorite color! It's a nice contrast to all that white still on the ground.

  3. What a beautiful old car and it's in impeccable condition. I'm surprised it's not fully covered. I look forward to seeing some full body shots in the spring or summer.

  4. I am also very surprised to see this wonderful old car not covered in winter! Surely the elements and cold are going to wreak havoc on the paint work. What a find, though!