Sunday, February 13, 2011


Snowshoes, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Snowshoes are strapped on. Fresh snow is ready for us. Off we went tramping through the woods, enjoying the crisp winter air. We heard the knock knock of the woodpeckers, the sound of the chickadees and the happy barks of the dogs who are allowed to run free in this wooded park. Winter at its best.

(My snowshoes are the modern aluminum ones - you can see them here. )


  1. Those wooden ones look great, but give me the light weight ones any time! Yours are really big, Susan - shouldn't sink too far in those.

  2. Yeah, snowshoeing is my favourite winter activity. The traditional snowshoes are nice but the aluminum ones are so much easier to walk with.

  3. Cool image. I haven't tried snowshoeing yet...but maybe someday soon.

  4. Nice shot - really invites me to go out for a walk. I have never tried snowshoes either - they are not that common here. People prefer to ski on the snow. I know there's a place not far from where I live, though, where you can hire snowshoes. I should give it a try.