Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowing and Blowing

Snowing and Blowing, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Daily Shoot: Pretend you're a stringer for your local newspaper today. Make a photo that captures something newsworthy to you.

It's nice to live in a place where a snowstorm (and not even a major one) is the news. As I watch the evening news with stories of violence from Egypt, of protests in other countries in the Middle East, of a major cyclone in Australia, I feel safe and warm here.

Montreal is prepared for winter storms. Public transportation still ran (I walked down to the metro and went to my volunteer "job" at the Atwater Children's Library). In the evening, with a bit of shovelling, I was able to get my car out and go to my photography course. Our homes are insulated, our layers of clothing keep us warm.

And the bonus - sunny weather follows and there will be plenty of snow for snowshoeing!


  1. This looks so cold. Our radio this morning said we did not go below 19 deg C all night so there is a huge temperature diffrence to our respective locations at present. Keep warm.

  2. So familiar to me - we are really protected and safe here, too. Hope you will get your sunny day for snowshoeing soon!

  3. I've only ever been in falling snow once in my life.

    It would be fun and scary for me at the same time.

    I think though that the novelty would soon wear off.

  4. Yeah, it is comforting to know the most 'dangerous' thing we have to worry about is traveling in a snow storm. Great news photo.

  5. Looks blustery there as it has been here.