Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lift Off


Photos: May 31, 2016

My evening was all about lifting off - starting with this kite flying over a nearby park. I went to a concert - a celebration of twenty years of Les Boréades.

At the Ready

The musicians know how to lift the music off the page and bring it to life. The music was interspersed with readings from L’Autre Monde : Histoire comique des Estats et empires de la Lune et Histoire comique des États et empires du Soleil. (an early account of space travel - science fiction of the 17th century))

Intro to the Concert

The guest of honour for the evening was Julie Payette, a Canadian astronaut who has been on two space missions.  Francis Colpron, director of Les Boréades can be seen in the background. An evening with a chance to be transported by music with some fine musicians.

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  1. I like to see those beautiful instruments. I see how you had a wonderful time
    in the concert!Have a happy week!