Monday, June 13, 2016

Being the Tour Guide

De Maisonneuve Scales the Heights

Photos: June 11, 2016

Catching up on my blog - it was a busy weekend!

What a day - learning that online friends are truly friends. My photo adventure began in 2009 when I joined a Flickr group of mainly educators in 2009 to do a 365 photos in a year. Who knew that what I embarked on was not just an adventure in photography but on a  road into friendships in many parts of the world. I have just returned from dropping off Di and Diane at the airport as they return to their respective homes in Ontario. Friday evening was our first face to face encounter, but after years of meeting with each other through our photos and writing there was an instant affinity - a feeling of being with old friends.

In Old Montreal

I was the tour guide, showing Montreal sights and finding photo opportunities, sharing my city and spots I love. We shared the photo ideas we noticed (we all love reflections). Old Montreal was the obvious place to start our Montreal exploration.

Le Royer

We pointed out the possibilities of leading lines and repetition, of symmetry and asymmetry, of depth of field and where to focus - our minds as well as our cameras.


Stop, focus, enjoy - an adventure in mindfulness, in seeing and for me, in being a tourist in my own city.

Light on the Ceiling

We stopped for lunch in a new cafe in what was at one time the main branch of the Royal Bank (photo above is just a small sample of the mind-boggling decor) - a truly remarkable space. I was last in there in 2009 for a concert as part of the Montreal Baroque Festival. Funny to think they may have seen a photo of this space and now we were sharing a meal together there.


Here is another small sample of the decor.

Mural in Progress

Next stop - the Mural Festival. There are many murals which stay from year to year - others are painted over and new ones created. These works are in progress; I'll have to go back to see the final products.

Mural Fest 2016

Up and Up

This was just day one of our photo jaunts together. Feeling tired we headed home. Much more to see and explore.


  1. You are a good tour guide, Susan! I like your photo choices showing an eclectic city.

  2. Dear Susan - Looks like you had a wonderful time with your blog friends sharing the city you love with them. I also have that experience with blog friends from India, England, and Russia from time to time. I enjoyed this photo-tour(including the following post) with you.