Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Another Day of Being a Tour Guide

More Stairs and Doors

I took my friends to Mile End - a part of Montreal with winding staircases and cast iron balconies.

Stairs and Doors

Some people were curious about why we were photographing. One man stuck his head out a window and inquired. He seemed to be reassured that we three women of a certain age were not a threat to the neighbourhood.

Changing Times

I love finding vestiges of the past. As addresses on the streets became standardized numbers changed. New address plates certainly don't have the elegance of the original.


Although we had stopped at the bagel bakery, we did need lunch - a stop at Atwater Market...

Local Produce

We are beginning to get local produce (though some is grown in greenhouses). With more and more people aware of their carbon footprint, the sellers are careful to identify locally grown food - the fleur de lys is the symbol for Quebec and thus Quebec grown.

Unidentified Green Flower

This time of year there is a sea of flowers waiting to be planted. These stalls will stay open all summer, though they will transition to fall flowers as well as pumpkins as autumn sets in.

Log Cabin

I always enjoy finding new public art. There was a series of these "log cabins" - fun and whimsical.


Dinner in Old Montreal - we covered a lot of territory despite a very cold afternoon. Laughter, shared meals and a few glasses of wine have definitely cemented our friendship.

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