Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Visit to Parc-des-Rapides

Rapids 2

Photos: June 13, 2016

The water swirls beside Parc-des-Rapides. At one end of the park you can see the water change texture as it meets the rocks and just past the other end it calms again.

In the Grass

On the other side of the isthmus the water is quiet and birds find a perfect spot to fish. They stalk them in the tall grasses growing in the shallow water.


This sunny spot is perfect for preening.


And then let the feathers dry out.

Redwing Blackbird

This strip of land is alive with the song of birds - redwing blackbirds, robins, a goldfinch, song sparrows - all spotted on our walk.

A short walk here is so calming - despite all the action - the waves and the constant sound of the water, the birds flitting from place to place, the birders with their long lenses...

From David Suzuki's site
A growing chorus of scientists and researchers agree: time spent in nature makes us happier, healthier and less stressed. It increases creativity and lowers risk of heart attacks. It even makes us nicer, more empathetic humans, with more meaningful relationships and increased community involvement.​
A good reminder to us all. 

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