Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Last Day of the Baroque Festival

Cello Suites on Viola da Gamba

Photos: June 26, 2016

I started my day with a concert by Paolo Pandolfo, who played his own arrangements for viola da gamba of two of Bach's cello suites. He plays with passion, taking risks, exploring the music. Even if you don't agree with all he did, it is hard not to be moved by his playing. I particularly liked the slow movements.


An early afternoon concert with Alkemia was  a delight. Gilles Cantagrel played Bach's brother with the four above playing four of Bach's children. They played and sang.

Mr. Bach

Then they were joined by "Papa" Bach, none other than Luc Beauséjour. The group even got the audience to sing two pieces in four part harmony. There were enough good singers there that those, like me, could find the notes and sing along.

The day was very hot. The Arts Building offered a little respite from the heat. My friends and I perched on the cool stone staircase waiting for the next concert. One advantage - we got to hear Lina Tur Bonet warm up for her concert as she checked out the acoustics.

Playing Bach

More Bach for solo violin - quite a workout for the violinist!

The Last Tea Table

The table was set for the final tea as we walked into Redpath Hall for the final tempestuous concert - three Bach cantatas.

Warming Up

The festival is the brainchild of Susie Napper, who for years was the sole artistic director. Now in its fourteenth year, the festival is direction is shared by her and Matthias Maute.

After the Concert

As is customary at the end of the festival, volunteers holding banners lead the musicians and audience out. We were treated to an instrumental rendition of the last chorale as we exited.

Out on the Campus

Thank you to all who organized (a special thanks to Susie Napper, Matthias Maute and Nicolas Fortin), who played and who participated in any way in the festival. It is always something I look forward to. But now.... I'm tired and can only imagine how you feel!


  1. Great music festival. Though I can’t hear but I enjoyed the photo-tour to the festival. It’s nice of you to be able to be immersed in the Baroque music one after another for successive certain days every year. I’d feel satisfied and enough at the same time especially when it is too hot. Now I understand what you wrote in the next post.


  2. I can see their great efforts for the concert. Their baroque music must have been wonderful.