Saturday, June 11, 2016



Photos: June 10, 2016

At one time connections had to be physical - whether meeting face to face or physically connecting through wires through a phone line, sending a physical letter... Now so much happens virtually, including friendships. Through a variety of online experiences, I have made friends with a number of people though we have never physically met. Some I know through the shared experience of web casting, some ten years ago, including Alannah who challenged me this year to post photos daily. Others I met through the first time I participated in daily photos in 2009 as well as through other online activities. This has led to a face to face encounter with two women whose photos I have admired for a number of years.


There is something to be said for breaking bread with someone. This is a weekend of meeting for the first time, women whom I feel I know well - through their photographs, their captions and the comments they have left for me via my photos and through other social media sites. So we will spend a weekend exploring my city, photographing, sharing tips, stories and sharing meals.

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  1. What fun to meet Internet friends face to face. Hope the weekend went well.