Saturday, June 4, 2016

In Summit Woods


How peaceful to walk in the woods, especially when those woods are not far off, but right in the middle of the city. Westmount does its best to keep the woods natural. Trees that fall are left to decompose. The only sign of civilization are the garbage cans so dog owners can dispose of their little baggies. There are no benches, no picnic tables - just the woods.


It is a perfect get-away from city life - a brief respite from cars, bicycles (not allowed here) with life slowed down to a walking pace. Birds sing; you can hear woodpeckers at work and the greenery and shade it provides makes everything feel cool.

In the Woods

The mayor of Montreal wants to "plant" granite pieces said to resemble tree stumps on the three peaks of Mount Royal. The mayor of Westmount has refused to have any placed in Summit Woods, instead opting for a natural environment.

Dining in the Forest

I think the forest creatures will be glad to keep things as they are.

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