Sunday, April 6, 2014


Ready for Semele

Sunday afternoon at the opera
a local performance
in Semele
young musicians playing, singing

Even on a sunny afternoon
music lovers convene
time to enjoy
the sweet sounds of Handel

I happen upon the grandfather
Reading the synopsis of Semele
Oh, he says,
My grand-daughter is going to die

Bursting with pride
That she plays that role
Mid aria he pokes me
to give a thumbs up

An afternoon well spent
with music


 Note: This is the lid of the harpsichord - taken off for the production. Harpsichords are often highly decorated. The inscription: Dum vixi tacui. Mortua dule cano means While living I was silent: dead, I sing sweetly. You can find out more about harpsichords and inscriptions here.

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  1. Musical instruments are always beautiful, string instrument, wind instrument and anything. I have learned from you that especially early musical instrument is artistic! The lid of the harpsichord is fantastic! It is really a classical beauty.

    I have linked your post' water painting' on my latest post: Ginza Story.