Saturday, April 5, 2014

In the Conservatory

Winter's Dirt

Outside the snow slowly recedes
A winter’s worth of dirt
Newly uncovered grass
Is soppy sepia
Colours still stripped
From the city

Tulips   Tulips

I step inside the conservatory
Into spring
A riot of colour
Shocks my winter weary eyes
Tulips in every shade
The lush yellows of the daffodils
Exude the warmth of sun.

Tulips   Daffodil

I wander through this oasis
Each bloom beckoning
Begging to be admired
Focus my camera
Catch their beauty
For all to enjoy

Riot of Colour

Slowly meandering
Not ready to go back
To the lingering winter
A delightful respite
To be savoured

There are signs outside
That once again
This display of colour
Will spill outdoors
And spring will take hold.




  1. Excuse me for not having visited sooner, Susan. Your poem and pictures together have synergy effect. Still snow around? Our warm weather turned to the chill suddenly today but will warm up soon. Take care.