Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Battle


Winter and Spring are in a fight
Each wanting to dominate the city
Spring pulls Sun onto its team
Chasing away the snow and ice

Winter retaliates
With its icy winds
People huddle into their coats
Hats and scarves

Spring sends rains
Washing the city of signs of winter
Warning off Winter with thunder
And bolts of lightning

Winter rallies the north winds
To dust the city once again with snow
Flowers once opened
Close their petals to hold in warmth

But the sun is strong
It is gaining the upper hand
It looks like Spring
Will once again win the battle


  1. I like your back and forth - exactly how it is! It seems with those blooms showing, spring may be winning.

  2. Oh, this one is wonderful because it tells it such a true story that is happening now! I'm so glad the sun is strong and gaining the upper hand! Great writing! Photograph portrays it so well, too!

  3. Excellent ! nice words, beautifully written :)