Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Looking Back

Grodno School

I'm looking back at history
Preserved by others
Sunday we went to celebrate
One hundred years of a life
A relative of my spouse
Looking back

My mother would have turned that number
Last year
I explore her history through artifacts
This picture comes from a book of postcards
Dating from the 1920s
Around the time she left Eastern Europe
And came to Canada
Looking back


Grodno the city of her birth
Once Russia, Poland now Belarus
What else has changed?
So many stories never shared
So much not recorded.
Lives before Facebook and selfies
Looking back


Life pictured through idyllic images
Who knows the truth behind the scenes
Much to reconstruct
To decipher
Looking back


My personal challenge - to write a poem every day (or post one that I love) for April - poetry month

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