Friday, April 18, 2014

Eating Ethically


It's harder and harder
To eat with a clear conscience
Asparagus from Peru
Travels more than I do
And sucks the land dry
So the locals can't grow food

I read of chickens crammed in cages
Barely able to move their entire lives
Buy organic to assuage my guilt
Ethically treated animals
I like to think their lives
Were not so confined

And fish
So many endangered
by overfishing or poisoned
By man caused problems
mercury, pesticides
Environments destroyed
by trawling

Chocolate too
That essential of life
Harvested by children
Forced into labour
How does their despair
Flavour the end result

I try to walk gently on the earth
Fair Trade Organic
Ethical Farms Eat Local
Do I stray off this path
Most definitely
But life is not perfection
One can only try

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