Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dinner with Family


Close cousins
Distant by blood
But closeness forged
Long ago

My mother and family
And her mother
Came over on the boat together
Immigrants to a new life

The Boat

The stepping stones of generations
Off kilter age-wise
Maintain that close bond
Both up and down the family lines

Continuing through our children

Who knew when those boat travellers
Stepped out in Canada
Their intertwined lives
Would keep us tied together

And now
We dine together
Family based on friendship
No better kind


  1. You do have talent! I love, love this! Wonderful picture! How wonderful this will be to have around!

  2. I like this poem. I think “family based on friendship” is aptly termed about a close cousin.


  3. Hello, Susan
    That grey and black photo is very beautiful!!. My present English teacher,who is Canadian, often tells us about the history of his family immigrants. Thank you for sharing!