Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rainy Night

Rainy Night

Rain has washed the city
Leaving streets slick
City lights
Look brighter
As the rainy haze lifts

The ground drinks
Feeding the grass
Once winter white
Then sepia spring
Now green growth appears

April showers
To end the month
I am looking to May
With hopes of flowers
And sun to warm them

And here ends my month of poems - it has been quite a challenge. There are some I feel good about - others missed the mark. But each has been a way to push me to write, to imagine and to share.

Now I am hoping for that May weather so I can get out more with my camera and concentrate on the photographs.


  1. What a fantastic project and I enjoyed it so much. I love this photo - very nice!

  2. Sighs in admiration and contentment for the poem and your talent. Your monthly project is magically done. You should publish the poetry book. I’ll read more poems scrolling down.