Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Standing at Attention

Standing at Attention by susanvg
Standing at Attention, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
I was in the local cemetery. It sits on prime real estate on the slopes of Mount Royal. A road snakes up the hill through woods. One section is home to the graves of fallen soldiers - these are from the second world war. While in other parts of the cemetery, the graves are more haphazard, here they are lined up with military precision. Even in death they stand at attention.

Buried Again

Other stones are half submerged in snow, the inhabitants buried twice over. But above life continues. Birds flew over, enjoying the bright sunshine while a red fox trotted through, stopping now and then to leave his scent. It is a peaceful place, good for a meditative stroll.


  1. Good title for the cemetery photo. It does look like a cold day- hope you were bundled up and stayed warm...

  2. It’s interesting to know that soldiers’ gravestones are standing, while ordinary people’s are mostly lying. In Japan, most gravestones are standing. You came up with the nice title, Susan. It looks cold. Stay warm and take care not to have a cold.


  3. What a thoughtful respite of sorts - the historical value adds to the silence! Hope you photograph and post in the summertime as well - would like to see the contrast of death with life!

  4. It is impressive to see the grave yard in the first photo.I agree to your idea. It is nice to know what people think about such scenery.