Friday, February 3, 2012

Fresh Bread

Fresh Bread by susanvg
Fresh Bread, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
To quote Gilles Vigneault "I went to the market, mon petit panier sous mon bras..." (my basket under my arm). Sometimes I need a pick me up in winter. I needed some groceries, but supermarket shopping is certainly not a pick me up. So off to the market I went to soak in the colours and the atmosphere. At the market, each stop is an interaction with a person - a little chit-chat along with the transaction.

First stop was the bakery. I steered clear of the exquisitely rich pastries and bought a fresh organic bread. And then off to the butcher. There are at least 10 butchers in the market. My favourite is the organic butcher. Good food for the weekend.

Root Vegetables

Everything tempted me, but I managed to keep my purchases to a reasonable amount. Root vegetables were tempting. Maybe next time I'll think about making a pan of roasted root vegetables.

Fruit from Everywhere

There was every kind of fruit available. Some must have travelled a great distance to get here. We are fortunate to be able to partake of such bounty, but I do worry a bit about the carbon footprint.

Flowers to Brighten a Day

And in winter - I need flowers. I bought an orchid (to be seen another day) - the first since my infestation of aphids. At least it was grown in Canada, so I can enjoy its double green-ness.

It was certainly a mood boost setting the stage for  a delightful weekend.


  1. I love markets - none here in Breckenridge, but I go to one in my city neighborhood. You need some of that bread with the soup your daughter made!

  2. The market is always a delight for the senses. Well captured, Susan. I'm going soon.

  3. Susan, GORGEOUS pictures, and I always wonder the same thing about the exotic foods and the consequences of them being at our reach. What market is this? We love to go to the one in Ste Anne de Bellevue when it's on, all locally grown and wonderful food. We always chat with the people there too, now that's a luxury these days!

  4. You are so lucky to have the Atwater Market----it's such a wonderful place! And your photos capture all the deliciousness so very well!

  5. I love markets too! Saturday and Tuesday are my grocery shopping days.


  6. Such fresh and delicious looking food. Would make great ad photos for the market. I can almost smell the bread. Yum, yum.