Saturday, April 4, 2015

Walking on the South Downs

New Life

What a pleasure to come from the greyness of the end of winter to the green of England. We took a hike on the South Downs, starting in Ovingdean and ending in Lewes. Along the way we saw many recently born lambs and a field full of ewes who were shortly to give birth.

Rolling Hills

The land goes up and down affording delightful views of the varied fields. I felt a bit like a character displaced from a Jane Austen book, walking from town to town as that was the only mode of transportation available to me.


There is a sense of camaraderie as each person you pass must be greeted as well as the dogs and horses! One lamb had managed to find itself on the wrong side of a fence. It was bleating pathetically, not sure how to get out of its predicament. It took three of us to coax it through the gate we held open. What a sense of relief as it gamboled up the hill to rejoin the flock.

New Growth

New growth is sprouting everywhere. Nice to have a taste of spring.


  1. You're in England, Susan! I've been on blog break. Have a great visit!

  2. Really nostalgic to me to see and read this! These are my family's old stomping grounds. I love the South Downs! Unfortunately, my mother-in-law passed away 3 years ago so haven't been back since. I miss this scenery. Nice to be reminded of it through your pictures.