Friday, April 10, 2015

A Taste of London

National Gallery

I have been to London a number of times because my brother lives in England. Family sometimes guides vacation plans. I still manage to do some "sight-seeing" during my British sojourns. There is something special about emerging from the tube and being in Trafalgar Square. This is a view of the National Gallery. I went to the exhibit, Inventing Impressionism, about Paul Durand-Ruel and how he brought the art of the impressionists to public attention.

St. Martin in the Fields

Just off Trafalgar Square is St. Martin in the Fields (no fields around now!). Apparently there has been a church on this site since Medieval times. On this visit I only saw it from the outside, but many years ago I went there with my children. We ate in the cafe in the crypt and did some brass rubbings at the Brass Rubbing Centre.

St. Pancras

A visit to the British Library to see the Magna Carta exhibit took us past St. Pancras. What an imposing building! The exhibit was quite extensive and fascinating. As always, I am moved when I am so close to touching history.

In the British Museum

Another stop was at the British Museum.We went to the exhibit Defining Beauty: the body in ancient Greek Art. While it was interesting and worth seeing, the two exhibits mentioned above made more of an impact on me.

Soho Square

Not all was about museums. I love to walk in London and walk we did! It was great to have a taste of spring after the cold winter in Montreal. I feasted my eyes on the flowers and green grass, celebrated the blossoms and enjoyed walking with my head held high instead of being pulled into my coat like a turtle. And for the two of us - early music lovers, no trip is complete without concerts (we went to 2) and a visit to a music shop (I bought a few pieces and am looking forward to playing).


  1. Lovely views of London! I can so relate to your feelings about early spring. A couple of years ago I spent a week in London in late February and the crocuses were already in bloom then! I couldn't believe my eyes coming from still cold and snow-covered Finland!

  2. I like London through your eyes which are different from guide book photos. Our winter was much colder than usual and I understand how you felt relieved walking in warmer London.