Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rural Sussex

From the Churchyard

Photos: March 24, 2015

After a Montreal winter, it is lovely to see the lush green English countryside. Even though the trees are still not in leaf, the spring growth is evident everywhere. We spent a day visiting different spots in Sussex. Above you can see the view from the Berwick church churchyard.

Berwick Church

A church has been located here since the 1100s. During WWII the Bloomsbury group stayed at Virginia Woolf's farm nearby. Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell and Quentin Bell painted the murals in the church at that time.

Rural Pub

This country pub sits waiting for customers. My brother and I had lunch there some years back. Everywhere you look in England there are mosses and lichen growing. The damp climate is perfect for them.

The George Inn

Our next stop was Alfriston, a quaint town with many tea shops. We did not stop for afternoon tea, but did have lunch in The George Inn, which was granted a license in 1397. It was delightful to sit by the fire and enjoy our meal.

By the Manse

My eyes feasted on all the flowers. Blossoms are opening everywhere. 

The Pavilion

We also stopped in at the museum in Brighton which sits next to The Royal Pavilion. This is an over the top building which was constructed for the future George IV, who was an extravagant man with a very extravagant lifestyle. Having toured the inside once, I just gawked from the exterior this time.


Grafitti can be found everywhere. While I hate the tagging you see in many places, I love murals done by good street artists. Brighton had several.


  1. I visited England three years ago at this time of year. I'd go back in a heartbeat! I'm enjoying your photos!

  2. Lovely pictures Susan! Brought back so many memories. All these are familiar places to me. Afternoon cream tea in Alfriston used to be one of my favourite summer treats. Have also had lunch at the George - very nice! And so true about the graffiti in Brighton - massive and well done. Your posts make me miss this part of the world so much!